The Billing screen

CogendaWorks Billing has been designed to ensure that all fees are collected automatically as the case progresses. CogendaWorks can be set up to capture fees based on both simple and complex billing arrangements.

For a quick start you can set up collections billing with a percentage per client, variable by world region. Each file for the client is started with the set percentage and can vary by file according to decisions in your workflow or when the debt is traced to a different world region.

There are settings per client for Gross or Net billing, percentage of disbursements, i.e. your outgoings, frequency etc. Workflow automatically posts charges according to your settings. You can also post or amend billable items at any time. Billing is normally at scheduled billing intervals by clients but the system can also produce one-off bills as required.

You can apply custom billing schemes to selected clients, including all items such as legal costs and charges. Custom billing schemes and charges are fully integrated with the commission billing system. All billable items are in standard ledgers for office, client, disbursements, bills and charges. Timesheets and time logging are available and also update the billable items.