CogendaWorks Litigation Manager

CogendaWorks Litigation Manager can be used on its own to progress cases through the High Court or County Court or fully integrated with the CogendaWorks collection system.  Either way the system fully automates busy legal departments with easy document creation throughout the entire litigation process.

For money claims the system provides the basic process starting with a warning letter prior to commencement of legal proceedings and finishes with any method of enforcing a judgment. Alternatively bankruptcy or winding up procedures can be initiated. For non-money claims a comprehensive procedure for the recovery of goods is also provided.

When switching an account from Collection to Litigation the user can visually tidy multiple debt elements to present the case correctly for litigation. The system validates that the total debt is still correct and the ledger reflects the precise transactions, preserving the audit trail. As the system is fully integrated, there is also a simple option to switch from Litigation to into Collections.

The structure of the system is inherently flexible so that all elements of the procedure and standard documents can be tailored by the user to suit individual requirements.  When changes are required under law the rapid development tools mean that new features can be added in a fraction of the time and cost when compared with systems that have been traditionally programmed.

The software is divided into three areas of claim, defence and enforcement. Each area provides a tabbed notebook that displays all the data for the file and an action menu to progress every stage in the procedure.