CogendaWorks Debt Manager

The Debt Manager payment plans screen

The CogendaWorks system has been designed with all users in mind. Owners and managers focused on improving service levels, productivity and margins, collectors and administrators who need to quickly gain a working knowledge of the software and your customers who may wish to view and interact with their own data.

Successful debt collection is about making every operator efficient and improving productivity by managing the workload with planned routing and automating time consuming manual tasks. Work-Flow and Campaign Manager within the CogendaWorks system provides the ability to manage external communication which ultimately drives activity into your contact centre and the CogendaWorks Debt Manager offers easy access to deal with inbound and outbound call traffic efficiently.

At a glance CogendaWorks Debt Manager provides all the pertinent information required to action a file on one main screen and the easy navigation will have new collectors operational within an hour. From this console collectors can perform any task required to action a file from:

  • Taking a Payment
  • Making an instalment arrangement
  • Diarise further action
  • Send letters, email, fax or text
  • Add notes or image correspondence