Campaign manager

The Campaign Manager screen

Powerful Campaign Management is a key feature of the Cogenda Works system, allowing user to augment workflow by creating campaigns and multi-level strategies based on any set of user defined criteria. As a result you are able to plan highly prioritised and timely communication programmes for your call centre using mail, telephone calls, text, email and fax.

But this powerful facility offers much more with the ability to drive and automate fundamental business processes that will ensure that your system takes care of doing the basis things well!

Using Campaign Manager you can:

  • Trigger timely event driven communications
  • Improve your KPI's by automating fundamental business processes
  • Coordinate complex campaigns
  • Encompass all channels in one centralised view
  • Automated response handling and non responder follow up
  • Carry out multi-stage campaigns
  • Drive performance with analysis of campaign results and allocation history

With Campaign Manager Data records are simply selected from the database according to a set of rules defined by the user, the selection rules are then attached to a Campaign and can be assigned to a work group.

Multiple campaigns can be progressed simultaneously.

When a member of the call centre logs into the system, the next contact in the queue of selected items for the campaign to which the operator is assigned is displayed on screen. If automatic dialling equipment and software is available, the telephone number will be pre-dialled before the contact is displayed.

The call centre member can then record the results for the call, the date of any additional follow up action and can send letters, emails or text for follow up action or confirmation.

This powerful and easy to use software employs the latest interface technology to offer new levels of visualisation, interaction and automation for improved business process and efficient communication.