CogendaWorks - Integrated Collection and Litigation Software

Cogenda, a company with strong links to both the debt collection and litigation markets, has launched the UK's most comprehensive case management software package offering an end-to-end solution for revenues recovery.

CogendaWorks is the product of 10 years development; a new generation of intelligent debt collection and litigation software packed with cutting edge features that enable the user to provide a market leading service. No matter how you run your business CogendaWorks is a secure, proven and flexible system with the tools that will increase efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

Debt Manager Task Manager Campaign Manager Workflow Manager Reports Manager Court Action Communications Manager External Connections Automated Payments Data Import Client Web Client Billing Data Export


Our products are scalable and designed to manage 1 or 1,000 operators, CogendaWorks can adapt as your business needs change. You define your own business rules and automate your operation to maximize profit without the need for expensive software development.

Works 'day one'

Our product is designed to work 'Out of the box' reducing the 'lead time' normally associated with installing new software and without the need for re-programming to match current business requirements. Our 'keep it simple' approach to building multi-functional systems reduces training time and protects you against negative feedback from stakeholders, all with no hidden cost.

System benefits

  • Manage your entire collection workflow processes in one system
  • Set collection budgets at case level to improve profitability
  • Match activity to resource levels with letter, text, email production controls & powerful campaign management
  • Reduce your software and support cost as a percentage of overhead
  • Reduce internal training costs
  • Prioritise file throughput for increased cash flow and profitability
  • Safeguard against negative feedback from staff and customers
  • Respond faster to management and client reporting demands
  • Improve communication with superior web based interactive facilities

An affordable solution that is easy to configure to the way you run your business.